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  Today Average Stats
1 The Fundamental Baptist Forum   Board/Forums
Evangelical, KJV supporting, fundamental Baptist message board
710 982.75 Stats
2 Head Covering Baptists   Board/Forums
A conservative, plain and simple, Baptist believer discussion area dedicated to godly living, witnessing, and families
356 394.25 Stats
3 Cobblestone Road Ministries   Missions
KJV Bible studies, Bible Prophecy, Apologetics, Christian Growth, + Christian Women's Corner, Many Links and Resources
214 392.25 Stats

  Today Average Stats
4 KJBB 89.1 FM WGHW 88.1 FM   Radio/Streaming Audio
KJB based Christian Radio
339 389.75 Stats
5 Think Bible Bookstore   Bookstore/Books/Publisher
KJV Honoring Bookstore - An online bookstore selling KJV Bibles, Fundamental Books, Unique KJV Products, Music, Videos, etc. A ministry of a IFB church pastor.
170 352.50 Stats
6 Great Preachers   KJV Info/Defense
This website has links to Christian News, Prophecy News, Bible Devotions, Bible Study Materials, Audio Sermons, KJV Webs
94 333.75 Stats
7 Northside Baptist Church - Eden, NC   Independent Church
King James Bible, Fundamental Baptist Church located in Eden, NC
370 237.25 Stats
8 For the Love of the Family   Bookstore/Books/Publisher
For the Love of the Family Ministries provides For the Love of the Family Magazine, literature, video, and cassette tap
91 204.00 Stats
9   KJV Info/Defense
FREE Mp3 IFB Sermons to download or listen to online! Plus KJV Church Directory, Ministry Job Postings, & Messageboard!
113 189.50 Stats
10 The Lighthouse Fundamental Baptist Message Board   Board/Forums
Evangelical, fundamental, message board with Baptist chapel, fellowship hall, poetry, family forum
77 94.00 Stats
11 Gospel Light Baptist Church - Salisbury, NC   Independent Church
Independant Missionary Baptist Church, KJV 1611
38 87.25 Stats
12 Plain Path Publishers   Bookstore/Books/Publisher
Conservative KJV Homeschool, Church, & Christian School Materials
52 83.00 Stats
13 Bible Baptist Church of Anderson,SC   Independent Church
BBC of Anderson, SC is an IFB KJV Church.
40 34.00 Stats
14 Maverick Ministries   Evangelist
Sermons, poetry and books by Dr. Ronald Shultz of Terrell, TX. Dr. Shultz is available for pulpit supply and revivals.
10 30.75 Stats
15 Is Wicca Wicked?   Independent Church
Uncertainty in life has always lured people to seek ways of knowing the future, to gain power and control over others.
9 18.50 Stats
16 First Baptist Church of Southwest Broward - Cooper City, FL   Independent Church
Fundamental, independent, traditional, hymn-singing, & KJV. Convenient to the TriCounty area of SE Florida.
2 14.75 Stats
17 Calvary Baptist Church - Sturtevant, WI   Independent Church
Calvary Baptist Church is a traditional, independent Baptist Church, holding to the historic Baptist distinctives.
6 14.00 Stats
18 Columbia Road Baptist Church   Independent Church
KJV, Fundamental
5 11.75 Stats
19 Quality Christian Literature   Bookstore/Books/Publisher
Design, Print and Mail services
22 11.50 Stats
20 Calvary Baptist Temple - Raleigh, NC   Independent Church
"Calling the Capital to Calvary" - Located just south of Raleigh on US 401.
4 6.25 Stats
21 Missionaries to Russia   Missionary
Jon and Larissa Zwingel
3 6.25 Stats
22 Jesus Is Saviour   Evangelist
Personal Ministry (Witnessing) Web Site. Fundamental, Baptist, King James Bible Believing. Jesus wants YOU!, come, sal
2 4.50 Stats
23 Doc's Exhortation Place   Evangelist
Bible Studies and Outlines for free.
3 3.50 Stats
24 New Life Baptist of Pelzer, SC   Independent Church
New Life Baptist Church of Pelzer,SC is a Christ-Centered, Family-Oriented & Old-Fashioned KJB Preaching Church!
0 1.50 Stats
25 Independent Baptist Web Ministries   Web hosting
It is our Ministry to see that every Independent Fundamental Soul Winning Baptist Church has there spot on the internet
0 1.50 Stats
26 Victory Baptist Church - Bend, Or   Independent Church
An independent, fundamental,KJV, soulwinning church in Central Oregon.
0 1.50 Stats
27 Heal The Land   KJV Info/Defense
Site dedicated to the glory of God with a Burden for the Revival of this Nation.
0 0.25 Stats
28 test   Independent Church
0 0.00 Stats
29 The Bible Baptist Church - DeLand, FL   Independent Church
Pastor James W. Knox, Preaching of The Cross radio program
0 0.00 Stats
30 King James audio Bible Suite narrated by Alexander Scourby   Bookstore/Books/Publisher
KJV Audio Bible Suite by Alexander Scourby includes 81 CDs DVDs MP3 Bible collection in 5 media formats – only $99.95
0 0.00 Stats

  Today Average Stats
31 Freedom Road Baptist Church, Bristol RI   Independent Church
Baptist Church - Bristol, Rhode Island
0 0.00 Stats
32 First Baptist Church of South Brevard - Melbourne FL   Independent Church
Independent Baptist Church
0 0.00 Stats
33 Cherry Grove Baptist Church of Moravian Falls, NC   Independent Church
An Independent Fundamental KJB local church - we are reaching the world with that blessed gospel!
0 0.00 Stats
34 TEAM Zambia   Missionary
Missionaries to Zambia Tim and Danielle Bishop - Includes a soul winning journal
0 0.00 Stats
35 King James Bible AV-1611 ONLY!   KJV Info/Defense
Independent,Fundamental,Pre-millenial,Missionary Baptist Topsites
0 0.00 Stats
36 Highland Ave Baptist Church Greer, SC   Independent Church
HABC is an IFB KJV Church. Our website contains free Mp3 sermons, Bible Studies, & more.
0 0.00 Stats
37 Clearview Baptist Virtual Church   Radio/Streaming Audio
We are an Independent Fundamental Pre-millenial Missionary with Glory 1330 WGTJ Radio Christian Radio! Topsites KJB only
0 0.00 Stats
38   Board/Forums
A Sober and Vigilant Information Source for these Perilous Times
0 0.00 Stats
39 Help Sam Gipp Publish More Books   Bookstore/Books/Publisher
Sam Gipp has books completed that cannot be published until the money is raised. Check out this webpage to find out how
0 0.00 Stats

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